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Håkansson MA, Neovius K, Norrbäck M, Svensson J, Lundqvist T. (2015)
Health Care Utilization and Complications Rates among Users Of Hydrophilic-Coated Catheters
Observational study of catheter associated complications in 288 long-term (mean of 10 years) LoFric users. The results suggest that LoFric use reduces the risk of complications associated with intermittent catheterization and that users may benefit from a change to LoFric.

Bakke A, Digranes A, Hoisaeter PA (1997)
Physical predictors of infection in patients treated with clean intermittent catheterization: 7-year study
Long term evidence that intermittent catheterization using LoFric reduces the risk for urethral complications, including UTI. For example, 65% UTI-free and 39% with sterile urine after long term LoFric use.
7 year follow up on 155 LoFric patients.

Waller L, Jonsson O, Norlen L, Sullivan L (1995)
Clean intermittent catheterization in spinal cord injury patients: long-term followup of a hydrophilic low friction technique
Evidence on the long term use of hydrophilic catheters to reduce UTI and prevent urethral trauma. For example, no new urethral trauma was identified during a 5-9 year follow up with LoFric.
5-9 year follow up on 30 LoFric patients.