ACCT Webinar: Let´s Talk Science

Let's Talk Science Webinar

This is the first in a series of three ACCT Let’s talk… webinars with the purpose of Advancing Continence Care Together from a holistic perspective, with the contribution of Professors Annelie Brauner, Vikram Khullar and Niall Galloway.
Annelie Brauner started by telling us that the biggest threats to treating infections in a proper way are resistant bacteria. They increase in number and they increase in resistance. The question is, how shall we treat infections in the future?
Vikram Khullar continued this session by providing insights from the urinary microbiome, the bacteria, viruses and fungae living inside us - and where we, human beings, alter the bacteria as much as the bacteria alters us.
The link between UTI and bowel may go back to the embryological origin for bladder and bowel, which may have a greater importance than previously believed. This was covered by Niall Galloway, who discussed the role of the host in UTIs.

This program could interest anyone who wants to take a deeper look at bladder and bowel management with a scientific focus.