Instillation therapy with LoFric

Bladder instillation is used for local administration of drugs into the bladder. This is used for treatment of interstitial cystitis and cancer, for example. Drugs are being delivered by catheters and a hydrophilic-coated surface such as that of the LoFric catheters reduces the risk for trauma associated with instillation therapy.

LoFric documentation: Instillation therapy

  • Multimodal therapy for interstitial cystitis.1
    Review of treatment of interstitial cystitis including examples of the use of LoFric catheters for intravesical instillation.
  • Delaying the Administration of Intravesical Chemotherapy Improves its Dwell Time.2
    Study of 42 patients who had chemotherapy instilled in the bladder with LoFric.